Eshopps Cone Protein Skimmer Review

The Eshopps Cone Protein Skimmer is an innovative skimmer designed to operate with the use of a sump.

What’s unique about Eshopps protein skimmer is its cone design originally introduced by Klaus Jensen back in 2004. This conical shape has earned a sterling reputation for reducing commotion in the chamber. The result is a more robust water/air interface. Consistently exceptional performance is setting Eshopps skimmers apart from the rest through its ultra-efficient performance.

Although, that’s just the beginning of what’s so exciting about this efficient skimmer. The inclusion of the whisper-quiet Sicce pump has made the difference not only in power but how well it outperforms other protein skimmers traditionally used. It is proving its performance quickly with every purchase.

How about it? Why don’t we get a closer look at what makes the Eshopp Cone Protein Skimmer so popular?

Eshopps Cone Protein Skimmer

As previously mentioned, the Eshopps protein skimmer is designed with an innovative cone-shaped reaction chamber. This is obvious as soon as you see it protectively packed and pre-assembled in the box. It is ready to go with a simple connection of the enclosed strip of clear hose to the Sicce Italy pump.

Owners familiar with Eshopps skimmers boast this Italian pump has been the single greatest improvement in all three models available:

  • S-120 Cone Protein Skimmer,
  • S-150 Cone Protein Skimmer and
  • S-200 Cone Protein Skimmer.

These numbers correspond with the gallon tank capacity for which they have been designed to perform. Touted for its power, the Sicce pump also operates very quietly. You almost have to get right on top of it to make sure you can hear that it is running.

Skimmers are used to create bubbles that attract the proteins from waste existing in the water through the natural process of polarity. The proteins appear as skim that coats the air bubble much the same way you see the rainbow effect on the surface of air bubbles that you blow in the back yard.

The coated bubbles are caused to rise through the chamber carrying this skim-mate up to a collection cup where they are finally allowed to burst and discard their protein passengers. In comparison, the gentle taper of the cone differs from traditional tubes that are straight up and down. Let’s get a better understanding of the effect of the cone chamber.

It’s the cone shape that is responsible for reducing the turbulence allowing more of the tiny bubbles to climb as well as more easily draining away excess water. This way more bubbles effectively survive their travel up the chamber. Another advantage with Eshopps design is the needle-wheel impeller attached to the pump that vigorously mixes air into the water creating a flurry of these waste removing bubbles.

So, more tiny bubbles, less turbulence and water, and you get the highly efficient transfer of waste from the water to the collection cup with the Eshopps Cone Protein Skimmer. Fine tuning can be dialed in to reach the optimal level of bubbles. In addition, the skimmer eases the strain put upon other biological filters while improving the water’s oxidation-reduction, or redox.

As for the size, Eshopps skimmers are favored for a tiny footprint. The S-120 occupies a space of 7-inches by 6-inches while the S-200 measures 10-inches by 9.5-inches at the base. The height of the skimmer starts at 17-inches for the S-120, 20-inches for the S-150 and 21-inches on the S-200.


There is much to love with the Eshopps protein skimmer. It really is a device that engages your interest from first sight.

Sleek Design – In spite of submerging the skimmer in 8 to 10-inches of water, it has visually attractive build quality. The clear acrylic is useful to see how well the device performs and to gauge your fine tuning levels. If the visual appearance of your tank is important to you, then this is skimmer of choice.

Superb Performance – The most significant value of the cone protein skimmer is it masterful performance. Even in new tanks that have yet to receive bio-load, the skimmer will produce skimmate, the waste material you want to have pulled from your tank. Keeping the water clean preserves the biological life and helps to improve the health of all the marine life existing in your tank.

It is noted that it can take up to two weeks for the skimmer to “break-in” even though most users claim they are seeing productive results in as few as two hours.

Easier to Use, Easier to Clean – This skimmer is easy to use right out of the box. Easy to install, it is operating as soon as it is plugged in. Most people find it is producing results within hours where they are able to dial-in their fine tuning for the perfect bubble level. Cleaning is a snap as the collection cup is easily unlocked and can be rinsed out.

Increased Efficiency – In addition to the skimmer using less power to produce more powerful results, the work performed takes the stress off other devices that yu may be running in your system as they have less matter to contend with.


It is tough to find much not to like with the Eshopps protein skimmer. Possibly the greatest complaint is that the skimmer produces so well that users find they are emptying the collection cup frequently. While it has been expressed by some that they would prefer to have the cup drain to another collection receptacle, this is not advised.

The simple reason you need to keep up on the skimmate produced is to ensure that the skimmer is not becoming bogged down with bio-waste inside the workings. The venturi intake and the chamber will need cleaning periodically. It is easy enough to monitor this visually by the lack of output.

The overall reaction to the Eshopps Cone Protein Skimmer is that it is the future of the skimming market. Budget-priced for the performance, this is a skimmer that receives resounding praise from satisfied users.

What Do Other People Have to Say?

There is hardly a review that does not agree with my opinion of the Eshopps Protein Skimmer. A reliable machine quietly operating in the background keeping your home saltwater reef clean, healthy and thriving, it is the type of workhorse that everyone hopes for.

As quiet as it runs, most people have to get real close to see that it is actually running. It is good to know it can be relied on, especially if there is a mishap and you happen to be away when a fish unfortunately dies before you can remove it from the tank.

Some users find that getting a skimmer that handles a little bit higher capacity than their tank holds gives them an edge when it comes to “stirring things up.” You know how this can take a toll on typical filtration systems. The skimmer will quietly work on eliminating the dust and waste keeping your reef in fine condition.

Judging by all the reviews, those that’s taken dive in getting the Eshopps Economy Cone Protein Skimmer are super satisfied with the construction and the sturdy material. They love the appearance and how easy it is to set up. One user complained that there appears to be a little lost in the translation in the instruction manual but they are also the first to confirm that with the ease of operation, this is an incidental issue.

A Little About The Manufacturers – Eshopps

First, let’s get a glimpse at this industry leader, Eshopps. The company itself is into its tenth year specializing in manufacturing saltwater aquarium filtration systems. In that time, they have expanded from their La Puente, CA headquarters to reach across the US, going into Canada and Puerto Rico.

Under Principal Thanyarat Trang’s leadership, the attention they have drawn domestically for their high-quality, attractively built acrylic products has naturally extended into Asian and European markets beginning in 2012. Saltwater enthusiasts have come to rely on Eshopps products for their ease of function and affordability.

Eshopps has consistently been an industry leader with their in-sump and hang-on protein skimmers, wet/dry filters, overflow boxes, sumps, accessories, ornaments and many other aquarium products. Between their continually advancing product designs and efficiency and their commitment to customer satisfaction, Eshopps earns the loyalty of saltwater enthusiasts all over the globe.

You can find Eshopps protein skimmers just about everywhere if you are ready to see them in action. Their customer service is intended to get you what you want so you can contact them if you need any help. Although, it is rare with this skimmer, an all-around winner in everybody’s book.


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