BiOrb Flow Aquarium Review

Having fish as pets is something that many people across the globe love doing.

However, there are also a group of people that wish to jump into the hobby but get scared away – they simply think that it is too much work.

Yes, keeping the tank clean and managing the water can feel like a full-time job at times!

If you’re one of those who shy away from fishkeeping because you think “it’s too much work”, then the BiOrb Flow Aquarium is an option that you need to look into.

This aquarium has a great reputation for being easy to handle and maintain, perfect for the beginner and those who want their first nano tank setup.

Let’s take a closer look at the BiOrb Flow Aquarium…

Brief History

A father and son duo by the names of Matthew and Paul Stevenson founded The BiOrb Aquarium Company in 1998.

The main purpose of inventing the BiOrb fish tanks was based on a simple premise, to make it simpler and easier for people to take care of their pet fish.

With that in mind, the BiOrb fish tank was designed with convenience and maintenance issues in mind thus making it perfect for the owner who doesn’t want to spend hours on end cleaning an aquarium.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this “out-of-the-box” fish tank so good.

BiOrb Flow Features

There are several reasons that drive the popularity of the BiOrb aquariums.

Beautiful Design – It’s made to stand out and be the centerpiece while remaining a functional aquarium. To be honest, it’s one of the most beautiful out-of-the-box tanks out in the market.

Ready out of the box – The BiOrb Flow comes with all the equipment you need to have for the fish tank up and running immediately.

Your Flow Aquarium package comes complete with:-

  • 12v LED light.
  • 900g of ceramic media.
  • Air stone.
  • Filter Cartridge.
  • 12v transformer.
  • Low voltage air pump.
  • Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid.
  • Fish food.
  • Instructions.

This is great because you do not have to purchase all of these smaller items separately.

Easy To Clean & Maintain – The main feature of BiOrb fish tanks is their fast and easy cleaning system. Most people do not like to do this tedious job of cleaning a fish tank so they avoid having one altogether. BiOrb has solved this problem and made it convenient for everyone.

Pros and Cons

There are several reasons why you should choose the BiOrb Flow Aquarium. As with any purchase, it’s always best to look at their Pros and Cons.


Stunning Design – There is no denying, the BiOrb Flow is simply stunning!

Great Built-In Filter – One of the best features of the BiOrb fish tank is its inbuilt, five-stage filtration system. This unique system helps to keep the aquarium healthy by making the fish tank clean and clear.

Affordable Price – The price range is very reasonable so you need not worry about overspending when you are n the market for this aquarium.


As per market reviews, BiOrb fish tanks generally do not have any glaring disadvantages that stick out. However, it isn’t perfect either and here’s why:

Poor Lighting – Past owners have reported that the lighting coverage isn’t very good which makes it hard to grow plants in the tank. If you’re a beginner, perhaps it’s something worth overlooking until you gain enough experience to grow live aquarium plants. Plus, you can always start with plastic plants first.

Small Opening – Another downside is the opening is a bit too small. This makes it hard to work on the insides of your tank.

BiOrb Flow Aquarium comes with all the needed basic equipment that other manufacturers do not provide with their fish tank.

If you’re a beginner looking for a little experience in fishkeeping while maintaining a beautiful-looking tank, this may just be the right option for you.

Feedback and Reviews

You can search for feedback and reviews on the internet to get a really good idea of what actual users are saying about this aquarium.

In most of the cases, users have written reviews with utmost satisfaction. Many of them suggested that BiOrb fish tank is a great product for newcomers who want to have an aquarium for the first time – most people find it user-friendly and affordable.

Additionally, setting up of the BiOrb Flow Aquarium is completely hassle-free. If you have any experience at all with setting up aquariums you will see just how simple the process will be.

Is The BiOrb Flow For You?

The vibrant and attractive color combination of the BiOrb Flow fish tanks helps to change the look of the room instantly. The elegant design of this tank is sure to make it the centerpiece of your room.

As mentioned several times, this is a hassle-free tank that’s perfect for beginners. The filter of the BiOrb fish tank works as a waste box and whenever it fills up, you just have to replace it with a fresh one.

The process could not be easier when using one of the single service kits that are available for purchase.

At the end of the day, it all boils down on your needs. If you’re new to the hobby and would like to test the waters (pun intended), then the BiOrb Flow Aquarium could just be the best for you to get started.


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